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The end and the beginning

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As the title says the end, indeed its the end of another winter season in Andorra.  However the forecast has something different to say.  After a month of beaming sun shine, the weather is about to take a dive in temperature bring in the snow again.

This winter season has be eventful with new music festivals taking over the village of Arinsal for the week, the river turning green, not dirty green toxic looking green.  This was due to some testing they were doing for the bottling plant based in Arinsal, all good though the chemical used was not harmful to humans and animals.  Plenty of snowfall along with some high temperatures.  Time to wax the skis and boards, hang up the boots, until next winter.

The beginning of the summer season is here.  All the summer activities and venues getting ready for the start.  The summer season kicks of the beginning of June.

What you can expect in the summer in Andorra.  Nice warm weather and cool evenings. A much more laid back feel in the resort.  Plenty of hiking trails and wildlife to explore.  Activities such as via ferratas, canyoning, hiking, mountain biking, road biking, segway tours, a unique Cirque du Soleil, tax free shopping, nature parks and toboggans, mountains top BBQs and so much more.

Andorra has a great vibe in the summer months, the perfect place to visit for families looking for adventure, and people who adore the outdoors.

Why not pop along and try out summer in Andorra.



Climbing Via Ferratas in Andorra

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Other wise known as Iron ways.  Via ferratas are hitting the mountains by storm throughout the Alps and the Pyrenees.  Here in Andorra Via Ferratas are free to use, however it does require some equipment which is easily rented in shops in the area.  What’s required?? Harness, Helmet, Y bungy Lanyard and a good pair of walking shoes.  Andorra hosts 16 in a range of different levels.


How does it work?? A blank mountain wall covered with ladder rungs, bolts, chains, bridges and cables.  The Y lanyard is attached to your harness, and the other two ends are attached to the cable with lockable carabiners.  As you make your way up the face of the mountain you continue to transfer your safety lanyard one carabiner at a time onto the cable as you pass the anchor bolts which attaches the cable to the mountain side.


Why do it??  Why not?? leave your fear of heights at home.  Some sections aren’t for the faint hearted.  However, Via ferratas are classified in levels, which are according to the vertical ascent and the complexity of the route.  There are always some in the area for beginner level and some easy enough for children to do.  Once you have reached the top, you have a nice walk back down following a footpath, on occasions the walk down is as steep as the walk up.  There is an option to go with a guide which is highly recommended especially if you are attempting it for the first time or with children. However if you have some or little experience in the outdoors or climbing it is possible to go alone. No matter how many times you do them, there is always a feeling of accomplishment.